About commercialization rights

We are developing a Licensing business that commercializes using properties owned by Kawada Co., Ltd., such as nanoblock® and diablock®. There are a wide variety of products that can be developed as Licensed products, such as Apparel, Food, Daily Necessities, Videos, and Promotions, and we are always looking for Licensees who wish to commercialize them. Please make use of the design materials of nanoblock® diablock®, the potential image of stacking and assembling, and their properties to expand sales channels and improve the image of products.


  • Daypack
    A classic daypack!
    With basic coloring, nanoblock size logo patch, and real block charm!
  • nanoblock® vibration speaker
    Just put it on the speaker! A speaker that can be decorated with nanoblocks.
  • nanoblock® decorating wristwatch
    You can attach a commercially available nanoblock to the face part, and you can change the color to your favorite design.
  • Ballpoint pen
    You can attach nanoblock to the head part.
  • Greeting card
    A cute card with a nanoblock motif.
  • Postcard Gift
    There is nanoblock in the postcard!
  • nanoblock® POCHI
    You can store not only coins but also small items and keys! The best touch! Silicone Gamaguchi.
  • nanoblock® customized key chain / full size
    A key chain that is not only cute but also practical.
  • nanoblock® toy digital camera
    A small toy digital camera that can be customized with nanoblock!
  • nanoblock® × COCORO @ mode Air Purifier
    Air Purifier that can be decorated with nanoblock.
  • nanoblock® iPhone Case DECORATOR Phone Case
    A case that can be decorated with nanoblock. You can make an original iPhone case.