Small blocks, big fun.

nanoblock® is a building block hobby with its smallest block measuring at a mere 4mm x 4mm x 5mm.
Manufactured to the highest standard for a perfect fit, nanoblock® is born and designed in Japan.
On sale for consumers since October 2008, nanoblock® has been a huge success everywhere, including the overseas market.

The appeal point of nanoblock® is its small size.
The biggest feature is that everything from palm-sized animals to huge ships and ancient castles can be reproduced in blocks.
It is possible to create delicate expressions and pixel art-like expressions that were not possible with conventional blocks because the individual parts are small.
In addition to assembling animals and buildings while looking at the instruction manual, you can freely assemble your own work and enjoy it widely from beginners to advanced users.
“Fun to build, Fun to display and Fun to collect”.
A completely new hobby block that allows adults to forget the time and immerse themselves in it.
The world of nanoblock will bring you an infinite creative experience starting with one tiny piece.
nanoblock® sets come in all kinds of sizes and varieties, from small animals to huge ships or castles.
nanoblock® parts are extremely small. Previously, with regular sized blocks, it was not possible to reproduce small details or dot images. Now it is possible with nanoblock®.
nanoblock® comes in various series such as “Mini Collection,” “Sights to See,” “Advanced Hobby,” and many more.
It is also possible to create your own unique creation with nanoblock®. From beginners to advanced users, anyone can find satisfaction from building your own custom designs.
“Fun to build, Fun to display and Fun to collect.” nanoblock® is a building block hobby which has adults playing without noticing the time passing by!